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People JT Regularly Plays With:

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Blues Links:

The Denicats   

The Triple A Blues Band

Natascha & The Spy Boys     

Maxwell Strait

The Gill Street Band

Body & Soul

Dan Stevens

Tommy Wareham

Ted McCloskey

Ann Kerstetter

The Governors' Pub Pub

The Phyrst


The Darkhorse Tavern

Webster's Bookstore

The Bar

The Gamble Mill

Happy Valley Brewing Company


Bellefonte Elks Club

Cafe 210 West


The Atherton Hotel

Seven Mountains Wine Cellars

Brookmere Winery

Elk Creek Cafe

The American Ale House

Tussey Mountain Resort

Home Delivery Pizza Pub

JT & Lotsa Poppa
JT chats with Lotsa Poppa


Centre County Blues Alert
Monthly e-mail newsletter about
local Blues performances

Central PA Blues Calendar
Courtesy of Delta-Blues.com

The Blues Foundation

The Atlanta Blues Society

The Billtown Blues Society



Harry's Blues Lyrics


Barrelhouse Blues

People JT has played with:

More Cool Musicians:

Music Biz Stuff:

blue number nine

Lotsa Poppa

Charles Mann

Ricky Lee Brawner

Rick Discenza

Chris Bell


Pete Sheridan

The Nightcrawlers

Arthur Goldstein

Rick Witmer

Jordan Rudess


Locust Lane

Buddy & Hopkins

Blues At Midnight


Musician Jokes

State College Wedding music
Pennsylvania Wedding ceremony music
Directory at LocalWin.com

Red Dog Music Books

Advice on finding Party Rentals, Wedding, Birthday and Party Planners in California. Online Directory of California Companies that specialize in Party Rentals, Birthday, Children's and Wedding Party.

New Music Label - Your ticket Into The music Biz!

Music Marketing [dot] com

About.com: Musicians

Just Plain Folks Music Network

Music Industry News Network

Other Stuff

Political Links

Urban Legends Reference Pages

Break The Chain


Media Matters

Tom Paine.CommonSense

The Weekly Standard



The Electronic Frontier Foundation

JT on New Year's Eve 2004
Stylin' for New Year's Eve

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The Denicats    The Triple A Blues Band    Natascha & The Ppy Boys    Maxwell Strait Body & Soul   

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